The inaugural 'A Fishy Affair: Malicious...but Delicious' was a huge success!

A Fishy Affair: Malicious...but Delicious!

The Savannah community experienced ‘A Fishy Affair: Malicious…but Delicious’ on Thursday evening, September 24th to benefit Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. The sold out event educated and entertained the audience by serving 415 pounds of Lionfish cooked up by four of Savannah’s prominent chefs, showing an award-winning short film, and previewing the Gray’s Reef Ocean Film Festival, January 29-30. The evening also included a complimentary signature cocktail, live Lionfish, live music, full dinner, and a live auction. 

We will plan to host A Fishy Affair yearly so keep up to date when those dates are announced by signing up for our newsletter  or make a donation. Thank you for the tremendous enthusiasm!!

Thank you to our incredible chefs that prepared such brilliant Lionfish dishes!!
  • Chef Roberto Leoci of Leoci’s Trattoria and Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar
    • Lionfish Spring Rolls Sea Urchin Fra Diavolo Sauce
  • Chef Drue Longo of 39 Rue De Jean
    • Lionfish with Lobster Mousseline
  • Senior Executive Chef Matthew J. Roher of The Landings Club
    • Lion Fish Stew
  • Sushi Chef Jin Kang of The Landings Club
    • Lionfish Nigri and Tempura Maki

The Lionfish is native to the tropical waters of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. They are popular in home aquariums, but are now invading ecosystems throughout the Atlantic coast and Caribbean. Lionfish damage our ocean by eating up to 20 small fish per day. With a very quick reproduction rate and no natural predators in Atlantic waters, they have multiplied quickly and threaten the natural biodiversity that provide economic and recreational opportunities. While completely removing lionfish from Atlantic and Caribbean waters is unlikely, reducing their numbers is critical to our ocean and for Gray's Reef.

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Thank you to our generous sponsors! A Fishy Affair is sponsored by:


Cathy J. Sakas                  Sarah Fangman & Greg McFall                  Mrs. Robert O. Levitt



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