Built with a mission to protect the ocean, we work hard to ensure that Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is supported, protected, and well-known.

Board of Trustees
    Cathy J. Sakas, Chair 
   Daniel Bromstad, Treasurer
   Cheryl Chip
   Dr. Sue Chapin Ebanks
   Laura A. Johnson
   Dr. J. T. Prather
   Ruth B. Weimar
   Suzie Williams

 Board of Advisors
    Lynda Guerry Beam
   Kimberly Cofer Butler
   Mandy Harvey
   Joseph Hoke
   Lisa Hueneke
   Ruel Joyner
   Kathryn Levitt
   Gordon Matthews
   Kevin McCarey
   Debra M. Meeks
   Jody Patterson
   Letta F. Sneed

Ex Officio 
    Stan Rogers, Superintendent, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
   Kris Sarri, President and CEO, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation