Square Party

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation hosted its inaugural Square Party on Saturday, May 23rd at Wright Square in downtown Savannah. We wanted to engage the community about Gray's Reef, generate excitement about the ocean among residents and tourists, and raise funds to support Gray's Reef. The event was a great success with an estimated 1,000 people passing through the square on the busy holiday weekend.

The foundation debuted our new oversized and colorful chalkboards asking residents and tourists: Why do you love the ocean? The range of responses and creativity was impressive! Scroll down for images of the chalkboards with our great community's input. Turtles, dolphins, and waves were the popular posts to no one's surprise. Notable responses include "all my stress gets washed away" and "feeling of freedom." Artistic achievements went to the seahorse drawing and the soft coral image. Thank you to everyone who asked so many great questions and took time to let us know why they love the ocean!!

We hope to have many more events in squares throughout Savannah and we thank the City of Savannah for offering nonprofit organizations the opportunity to rent these beautiful public spaces.