Beneath our protected waters are wonders that are hard for most people to see. Reefs flourishing with life; artifacts that tell our history; animals and plants and fantastic creatures, many of which we haven't even discovered yet. These marvels may exist out of reach of our daily lives, but they are ours. They are yours.

The world’s most pressing challenges are similarly difficult to see. Pollution. Climate change. Dying reefs. Species extinction. These problems live beyond the clouds and beneath the surface. They grow invisibly, but they are ours - yours - to overcome.

Please make a donation to the Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and make a powerful impact on the health of our ocean. Your support right now will protect the places that matter most. Thank you for your generous support!

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Image: Sea star Photo credit: Greg McFall for NOAA/GRNMS

Gray's Reef Southeast MATE ROV Competition

Immerse yourself in ocean science and exploration through our MATE remotely operated vehicle (ROV) competition! K12 through university level teams build tools designed for remote sensing, collecting and observing of subsea habitats to solve real-world ocean challenges in a simulated mission competition. Innovation and entrepreneurial development is showcased through product demonstrations, marketing displays and engineering interviews with the top regional team moving up to compete in the MATE ROV World Championship.

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Gray's Reef


Gray's Reef is bursting with marine life, huge rocky ledges, and a stunning array of colors. It is one of only 14 National Marine Sanctuaries in the US.



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