Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is a natural reef habitat in Atlantic Ocean waters located off the southern United States coastline. The 22-square miles of protected ocean habitat supports a tremendous amount of wildlife while offering opportunities for visitors to recreate and enjoy our coastal wilderness.

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation provides access to this remote sanctuary with a local chapter that supports community engagement. Gray's Reef NMS Foundation is your portal to discovery of Gray's Reef through our education programs, conservation missions, public outreach events and charitable giving campaigns. Your gift supports the conservation of wildlife and engages the next generation of ocean explorers. Dive in with us and discover the wonders of Gray's Reef.

Sanctuary Soundscapes

We introduced you to a world of ocean sound through acoustic hydrophones in NOAA's underwater sound monitoring study during our last Science on Tap event. Now we invite you find our Sanctuary Soundscapes project on SoundCloud to hear the most common sounds at Gray’s Reef and even sample audio for your own compilations.

Citizen Scientists can take a deeper dive into the project data analysis by registering for the Gray’s Reef Sanctuary Soundscapes volunteer project. Visit our citizen science page to register and learn more about ocean acoustics research.

Explore Your Sanctuary

Gray's Reef is teaming with life, supported by rocky ledges covered in sponges and soft coral, and featuring a stunning array of vibrant colors. It is one of only 14 Marine Sanctuaries in the United States and is federally protected for it's ecological diversity.

Visit the NOAA website for visitor rules and regulations, or click the Georgia map image here to learn about the science of our sanctuary.